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Cream Of Chicken Soup
Creamy Chicken Stock Soup.
PKR   550
Cream Of Mushroom Soup
Our Take On The Classic Cream And Mushroom Soup.
PKR   550
Seafood Chowder
Blend Of Fish, Prawns, Potatoes And Herbs.
PKR   600
Chicken Corn Soup
Minced Chicken And Crushed Sweet Corn Cooked In Chicken Broth And Seasoned With Chinese Spices.
PKR   420
Hot & Sour Soup
An All-time Favorite Soup With Chicken Broth, Minced Chicken And Chinese Vegetables.
PKR   510
Studio Special Soup
Our Chef's Specialty, Thick Soup With Prawns, Chicken And Black Mushrooms.
PKR   650
Szechuan Soup
A Hot And Sour Soup With Prawns, Chicken, Green Chili, Black And Button Mushrooms.
PKR   550


Summer Green Salad
A Healthy Combination Of Romaine Iceberg Lettuce French Beans,tomatoes, Cucumber And Olives.
PKR   800
Ceasar Salad
Our Famous Fresh Salad Drizzled With Creamy In House Caesar Dressing.
PKR   850
Thai Chicken Salad
Deep Fried Breaded Crispy Chicken With Spicy Sweet And Sour Sauce, Cucumber Tomatoes, Green Onions Cashew Nut And Coriander
PKR   1060
Studio Special Salad
Our In House Special Salad With A Combination Of Chicken And Sauteed Shrimp Tossed In A Special Olive Oil Dressing.
PKR   1060


Mozzarella Stick 6 Pcs
Elongated Pieces Of Breaded Sticks With Mozzarella Stuffing Served With Marinara Sauce.
PKR   1500
Batter Fried Parwns 8 Pcs
Deep Fried Battered Prawns Served With A Sweet And Sour Chilli Sauce.
PKR   1400
Studio Special 8 Pcs
Deep Fried Prawns Coated With Cream Cheese And Shredded Potatoes.
PKR   1550
Dynamite Prawns 8 Pcs
Crispy Prawns Tossed In Zesty Sauce.
PKR   1350
Chicken Spring Rolls 8 Pcs
Minced Chicken And Vegetable Wraps Served With Wonton Sauce.
PKR   650
Crispy Onion Ring 12 Pcs
Crispy Onion With Spicy Chili Sauce.
PKR   650
Stuff Chilli Popper 6 Pcs
Stuff Cheese & Chicken With Spicy Chilli.
PKR   750
Loaded Fries
French Fries Tossed In Sweet Chilli Sauce And Tapped With Chopped Capsicum And Cheese In A Cast.
PKR   850
Buffalo Wings 8 Pcs
Deep Fried Wings Coated In Our Hot Sauce.
PKR   950
Jalapeno Wings 8 Pcs
Deep Fried Wings Coated With Our Creamy Jalapeno Sauce.
PKR   950
Honey Wings 8 Pcs
Deep Fried Wings Lathered In A Sweet Honey Glaze Sauce.
PKR   900
Sweet Chilli Wings 8 Pcs
Deep Fried Wing Coated With Our Special Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce.
PKR   950
Finger Fish 8 Pcs
Deep Fried Fish Coated With Bread Crumbs Served With Fries & Studio Sauce.
PKR   1250


Mutton Karahi
From PKR   2495
Mutton White Karahi
From PKR   2795
Chicken Karahi
From PKR   1095
Chicken White Karahi
From PKR   1300
Prawns Karahi
PKR   1500


Roghni Naan
PKR   99
Garlic Naan
PKR   150
Kalwanji Naan
PKR   150
Achari Naan
PKR   150
Makhni Roti
PKR   40
Sadda Roti
PKR   30


PKR   150
Mint Raita
PKR   150


Molten Lava Cake
Rich Chocolate Cake Filled With Molten Chocolate Served With A Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream.
PKR   880
Bread Pudding
Pudding Topped With Hot Caramel Sauce And Served With A Scoop Of Vanilla Ice Cream.
PKR   850
Sizzling Brownie
Freshly Baked Brownie Topped With Vanilla Ice Cream On Sizzling Chocolate Sauce.
PKR   750
Caramel Fudge Brownie
Freshly Baked Brownie Topped With Ice Cream And Fudge Sauce.
PKR   650
Sinfully Rich And Velvety Smooth Tiramisu Topped With Chocolate And Coco Powder Mix.
PKR   850
Lotus Cheese Cake
Sinfully Rich And Velvety Smooth Cheese Cake Topped With Lotus Biscuit And Lotus.
PKR   1100
Cheese Cake
Cheese Cake Topped With Sauce.
PKR   780
Nutella Cake
A Slice Of Heavenly Most Cake Layered With Nutella Cream
PKR   750

Hot Coffee

Cold Coffee

Hot Tea

Ice Tea

Lemon Ice Tea
PKR   450
Peach Ice Tea
PKR   500


Pina Colada
Enjoy The Delicious Combination Of Fresh Pineapple And Coconut Cream.
PKR   450
Mint Margarita
A Blend Of Sparkling Lime And Fresh Mint. The Best Way To Cool Down On A Warm Day.
PKR   400
Lemonade Margarita
Blast Your Taste Buds With A Carbonated. Sour Kick Of Mint And Lemonade.
PKR   400
Tropical Blue
A Tangy, Fizzy Drink That Packs A Little Blue Punch In Every Gulp.
PKR   450
Seasonal Juice
Fresh Extracts From Fruit Of The Season.
PKR   500

Seasonal Smoothies

A Refreshing Blend Of Nature's Bounty
Enjoy The Essence Of Each Season With Steak Studio's Seasonal Smoothies. Our Menu Features Refreshing Blends Made Exclusively From Fresh, Seasonal Fruits. No Artificial Syrups Just Pure Fruit Goodness.
PKR   450

Ice Cream Shakes

Oreo Icecream Shake
Oreo Cookies, Premium Ice Cream, Milk, Whipped Cream, Oreo Cookie Crumbs.
PKR   500
Kitkat Icecream Shake
Kitkat Icecream Shake Kitkat Chocolate Bars, Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, Whipped Cream, Chocolate Syrup (Optional, For Drizzling On Top), Crushed Kitkat Pieces (Optional, For Garnish).
PKR   600
Vanilla Icecream Shake
Vanilla Ice Cream, Milk, Whipped Cream Vanilla Extract (Optional, For Extra Flavor) Ice Cubes (Optional, For A Thicker Texture).
PKR   500
Mango Ice Cream Shake
Ripe Mangoes (Fresh Or Frozen), Vanilla, Ice Cream, Milk, Whipped Cream Mango Slices (Optional, For Garnish).
PKR   600
Strawberry Ice Cream Shake
Fresh Or Frozen Strawberrie, Strawberry Ice Cream, Milk, Whipped Cream,Fresh Strawberry Slices (Optional, For Garnish).
PKR   600
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Treat With Milk, Choco Syrup And Ice Cream.
PKR   550

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